About us

About us

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Pawel Ciolkiewicz Wedding Photojournalism


it is a team of a photography freaks loving their work implicitly. We travel, create, play and have a fun whatever we do. Our ambition is transcoding emotions and feelings into pictures.

Photography is our main profession since 2008. We acquired our knowledge and experience studying in Istanbul (Turkey) and Lodz (Poland) and during International Art Workshops. Despite a young age we partook in hundreds of photoshoots… and every one is making us happy like the first one.


Wedding Photographer Amsterdam | Pawel | ® Pawel Ciolkiewicz Wedding Photojournalism


Wedding Photographer Amsterdam | Mazi | ® Pawel Ciolkiewicz Wedding Photojournalism



Wedding Photographer Amsterdam | Adek | ® Pawel Ciolkiewicz Wedding Photojournalism



In a professional life


we use only the best possible equipment. We permanently develop our skills and improve new technologies. We cooperate with the best providers thanks of that the sets we offer are the highest quality. We create the final effect not only for you, but also for your future children and grandchildren. You are always welcome in our office – we will meet with you and invite you for the delicious, aromatic coffee. We will show you effects of our work, and the prints prepared by the best artistic printing house.


In a private life


we love going beyond a comfort zone. We travel by hitchhiking, Bla Bla Car, busses, trains and every other way of transportation. But our favourite one is a bike: we have already a few of them and we are going to buy even more. Every one has its own name and it is almost the member of our family. Our dream is to go for a trip around the world on a bike.

We eat a lot of healthy food and we can not imagine a life without eating. Permanently we try to discover new tastes and flavours. Fruits and vegetables take the rest of our domestic space which is not already taken by bikes. In a future we are going to have our own cafe with the pictures we took.



We are not going to persuade you that we are a perfect match for each other – we are here to answer that question in the most honest way. To make “our relationship” full of satisfaction and great memories, the both sides have to say “yes”. Because of that we would like to cooparate with you only when you are completely confident about our abilities, pictures we take and the style of our work. Please call or write to us – we will answer precisly for all your questions. Check also our recommendations and talk with our previous clients.